Lolark Chhath, Varanasi

Lolark Chattha

Lolark Kund is one of the oldest sacred sites of Varanasi. The word Lolark means “trembling Sun”, it denotes the wavering image of Lord Surya, the Sun God, in the water of the pond. A flight of steep steps have been built for approaching the pond.

Thousands took dip in Lolark Kund on friday the 21st September 2012 (the sixth day of second fortnight of Bhadrapada). Devotees and faithfuls thronged at Lolark Kund in Varanasi.

Lolark Chhath festival relates to the issueless women. Those women who could not beget offspring take dip in the pond on this occasion with a fruit or vegetable. Childless couples leave their wet clothes and a fruit or vegetable in the well. They vow not to eat that particular fruit or vegetable lifelong.

People strongly believe that they will be blessed after bathing in this pond. Folks celebrate this Chhat festival with great devotion and reverence. Faithfuls visit the shrine dedicated to God Surya (Sun) nearby. As thousands come to bathe in the holy waters of the Lolark kund at sun rise, a make shift colourful bazaar mushrooms around the kund.

Ladies cook ‘Puri’ and sweetmeat (‘Haluwa’) and offer to Sun god.

Many come to Lolark Kund after the fulfillment of their wishes and perform Mundan Sanskar (head-shaving sacrament) near the pond. The women in their colourful attire present a keleidospic atmosphere.